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POI is a new kind of currency created to foster positive behaviors and help to revitalize local economies. Thanks to the power of blockchain, POI reward users and fund local projects by offering a payment solution that digitalize, secures and network local currencies. In doing so, POI empower communities, merchants and citizens to build better economies.

A completely decentralized local currency created by the people, for the people.

What is ?

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An Application
A mobile application and an electronic wallet allowing consumers to geo-locate local and responsible businesses of the network, to pay in POI but also to transfer the community currencies between them. The community currency of Bristol can be exchanged, without any friction, with the one of London during a trip to the capital.
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A Protocol
A protocol, the Proof of Impact which establishes the local impact and the commitment of the actors as rules of money generation. Thus, when a transaction at a local merchant is carried out and a level of gamification is reached, POI are generated to reward users and fund local projects of their choice. Thanks to this operation, each action considered as having positive externalities on the territory and its actors is directly « materialized » in POI, thus becoming a reflection of the health of the local ecosystem.
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A Money
A currency, the POI, is the "mother" cryptocurrency used as umbrella to ensure stability, promote the use and allow interconnection of the community currencies of each ecosystem.

How it works?

  • Buy POIs in the mobile app

    Simply convert fiat money in POI and store them securely in your integrated e-wallet.
    Next, the POI transforms in local coin of your ecosystem, wherever you are. The local coin has the parity with fiat money (1€ = 1 local coin).
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  • Spend them anywhere

    Discover all the local and sustainable businesses around you and experiment a free and frictionless payment by sending money to the merchant right inside the app.
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  • Finance local projects

    Within each local purchase, our Proof of Impact protocol generate a few amount of POI to finance the local projects of your choice.

    You choose what is necessary to your territory.
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  • Earn money by doing good

    While you purchase in local and sustainable stores, fund local projects or be involved with charities, your profile upgrade and thanks to a dynamic gamification system, the Proof of Impact rewards you with POI at each new level.
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