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Poi is a payment app that measures, encourages and values positive consumption to help revitalize the local economy.

With Poi, each payment is a commitment in favor of those who contribute to the health of their encosystem.

How does it work?

  • Pay the responsible merchants around you.

    Credit euros on the mobile app and keep them safe in your integrated e-wallet. Spend them anywhere at local businesses by paying in one click through the mobile app.

    The future of payment is here!
  • Measure the impact of your purchases.

    Every purchase drives up your personal impact gauge, an indicator that helps you to understand the local impact of your consumption and improve it without effort.

    It has never been easier to be a positive consumer!
  • Get rewarded and help a local project!

    Collect POIs for each action. POIs are your proof of positive impact on the planet and can be used with network apps or donated to fund local projects of your choice. 

    You decide what is best for your community!

Become a contributor and earn POIs!

Registration, sponsorship or connection with partners, each contribution to the development of the network is rewarded in POI, your proof of positive impact on the planet.

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Our partners

Who could you meet in Poi?

Apps to connect

The self-service electric scooter. Since the application, book a scooter in 3 clicks and enjoy the freedom without limits, without polluting and without noise.
Too Good To Go
Too Good To Go is an application allowing merchants to sell their unsold products and customers to buy discounted products.
Yoyo motivates locals to sort their plastic bottles with rewards... 100% of the collected plastic bottles are recycled in short circuit and in France.
Do you have an eco-friendly app?

Do you have an eco-friendly app?

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Shared Garden in Fontenay sous-bois
by Sylvie
We want to plant a community garden between the Bellevue residence and the Parmentier avenue.
Participatory bicycle repair workshop
by Cédric
Addition of a repair coffee at our bike sales and repair shop in Chartrons.
Help to migrants in Calais
by l'Auberge des Migrants
Big food and clothes collecting.
In need of 10 volunteers.
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The Poi Network

To certify the information provided, Poi App relies on a global impact measurement protocol, the Proof of Impact, developed in collaboration with research centers and consulting firms specializing in the 17 sustainable development objectives.

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